Bathroom pendant light (IP67, IP65 & IP44)

Whether you like it or not, the bathroom is an essential part of our interiors!

From daily tooth brushing to Sunday's cocooning ritual, it welcomes us every day… so let's make sure we have a bright and warm atmosphere créer cosy! In plus good general lighting in the bathroom, it may be useful to opt for other light sources in order to put a mirror or the darker areas of the bathroom under the spotlight. Ruban recessed LED, spot directional, accent light or nickel ceiling light, a wide range of solutions is available. Whether you are à la looking for a modern lamp for your loft, a contemporary street lamp at design or a ceiling chandelier at vintage to boost your interior design, you will find on our site all types of lighting for all rooms in the house!

Water rooms do not always benefit from daylight and must be equipped with an interior lighting system particularly adapted to humid places. In order to see plus clear, it is advisable to find out about the protection rating of the chosen lighting, as this information will help to determine the possible uses for a luminaire. With regard to light intensity and light colour, opt for dimmable LED bulbs with a CRI of over 80, an efficient and economical option ideal for illuminating small spaces with natural light. Please note that if you do not havean LED dimmer but a switch classique, your dimmable LED bulb will be automatically switched on at maximum power. In addition to being a decorative element, the luminaire is a functional object indispensable. At The Cool Republic, we don't neglect functionality and design: fill up with bright ideas thanks to our selection of hanging lamps design designed for the bathroom!

Lighting your bathroom in style is a challenge taken up with ease by ENOstudio, a French publishing house whose designers' talent is only plus to prove it. Elegant and pure, the suspension lamps, wall and ceiling lights design from the lighting collection Lia by ENOstudio are a real eye-catcher! The bathroom hanging lamp Lia is a blown glass suspension lamp whose geometric silhouette geometrically displays a contemporary and minimalist style of the most beautiful effect. Available in brass or silver, matte shades easy to match, this sublime cylindrical suspension lamp draws its inspiration from the 70s and adapts to all styles of interior decoration. Equally at home in the bathroom as in the bedroom or dining room, this design pendant light becomes a source of soft, subdued light