Isothermal Bottles

looking to reduce your consumption of disposable plastic cups and bottles? Opt for one of our reusable isothermal bottles and never be plus short of fresh water!

Trendy and eco-responsible, the isothermal bottle is easy to carry and keeps your hot and cold drinks at the right temperature pendant for several hours. Made fromstainless steel and BPA (bisphenol A)free, our insulated bottles are durable and allow you to drink throughout the day without going to the vending machine. Hot chocolate, cappuccino, fruit juice, coffee or tea, don't forget plus to stay hydrated with our selection of insulated bottles!

Say goodbye to leaks with the Chilly's hermetic and zero waste bottle: the leak-proof screw cap has a food-grade silicone seal that allows you to carry your insulated bottle without fear! Patterned or plain, the famous thermal water bottles of the London brand Chilly's are known for their ergonomics and design . Made of stainless steel, the Chilly's bottle allows you to drink and enjoy your favourite beverages wherever you are: in the middle of air for a picnic or at bureau for a long day at work! The pretty bottles presented on The Cool Republic keep your drinks cool for 24 hours and warm pendant 18 hours. Their 500ml capacity makes them easy to take anywhere and the double-walled vacuum and stainless steel construction helps reduce condensation without affecting the taste of your hot or cold drinks. The Chilly's models are dishwasher safe but it is recommended to clean them by hand à la to avoid damaging any patterns on your bottles.

The ergonomic and insulating Skittle bottle by Lund London can hold 750 ml and is made without BPA, PVC and phthalates. With its bowling pin-like appearance vintage and round cap, this impact resistant bottle helps you keep your hydration level up and drink your 1.5 litres of water per day! The neck size allows you to let your teas brew and slip in standard size ice cubes to cool all your cold drinks. With its double stainless steel wall, the Skittle bottle keeps your coffee hot and your iced tea cold for a long time: perfect for a break cosy with your favorite drink! Available in pop and pastel colours, the Skittle thermos and reusable bottle fits in your backpack and is displayed alongside our lunch box like a sculpture design on our bureaux. A wonderful gift idea, this creation with itsexceptional waterproofness and durability

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Isothermal bottle

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Isothermal bottle Skittle

Lund London
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